Our ballet students and parents say…

ABDA’s Intermediate Ballet is a very comfortable class for adults. I started ballet four years ago and at first was very nervous about dancing. But because of ABDA’s friendly atmosphere and close relationship between teachers and students, I learned quickly and enjoyed dancing without hesitation. I even participated in the annual dance performance. Different from the big studios, ABDA is a personal ballet studio. You receive close attention from teachers and learn a lot!


My daughter has taken ballet from Miss Wendy since the age of three. Now thirteen, she is passionate about her dance, which has given her so much over the years: strength, grace, confidence, self-discipline, the love of the art form. Her close, supportive, long-term friendships with fellow dancers have been equally important to her.

Karla S.

Miss Wendy makes it easy to learn because she makes up fun stuff.


My daughter has been a student of Miss Wendy’s since she was 3 and is now 11. ABDA has always provided classical ballet training in a nurturing & disciplined environment. We have been happy throughout our many years with this studio and always look forward to the incredible year-end performance.


Our Pilates clients say…

I have asthma which reoccurs from time to time. My breathing has improved tremendously as a result of several years of Pilates and I seldom require an inhaler to relieve shortness of breath.

Susan M.

Pilates classes at Age-Less Body Pilates Studio with Wendy and Bridgett have greatly improved my physical well-being in three profound ways. My posture is dramatically improved and I no longer have continual backaches. Secondly, before taking Pilates classes, one of my legs was shorter than the other, and thanks to Pilates exercises, adjusted shoes are no longer necessary! Finally, I have degeneration in my neck and shoulder area, related to my creative work as a textile artist. However, the strengthening and stretching exercises of Pilates have greatly lessened the discomfort, while also allowing me to stand erect with excellent neck mobility. I consider Pilates classes with Wendy and Bridgett to be absolutely essential to my continued physical well-being!

Kathy M.

I really enjoy my Pilates class on Monday mornings…..a great way to start the week! 

Gloria B.

Pilates with Bridgett is a fun, stress-free way to gain strength in your ‘core’ muscles which helps relieve back pain, improves posture, and just makes you feel more limber. The classes are paced so that we each can progress at our own speed and ability level, and there’s no competition to move along faster than what’s comfortable. Our classes include women who have taken Pilates for years and those just starting out. I recommend this class to all my friends.

Jan C.