Ballet Classes & Fees

The Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts offers both non-curriculum and curriculum-based dance and ballet classes.

From dance exploration for toddlers to adult ballet for all levels, we have classes to inspire movement, musicality and love of dance.

Our curriculum classical ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance method, and carefully designed syllabi focused on progressive ballet training. While curriculum classes are suggested by age group, placement is based on preparedness for that technical level, rather than age. Students advance in their dance training by developing work ethic, discipline, strength and technique.

All classes at the Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts are open to anyone with an interest. Curriculum classes culminate with an annual performance each spring.

ABDA Non-Curriculum Ballet/Dance Classes

Ballet Dance Classes
Download our Ballet Class Schedule & Fees for full class information, fees and requirements.

Placement is determined by the Director

Tiny Tot Dance Exploration (Ages 2-3): Toddlers enjoy introduction to dance through moving and singing with fun music and props. (Potty-trained not required.)

Fairy Tale Ballet I & II (Ages 3-4 & 5-6): Little dancers enter the imaginary world of fairy tales, as preschoolers go on an adventure of fun and self-expression through ballet-based dance. Props, instruments, and classical music spark creativity. Class etiquette is introduced while dancers use props, instruments, and classical music to spark creativity. A time-proven class taught by qualified instructors. (Child must be potty-trained. No pull-ups please.)

Pre-Ballet (Ages 5-6): Young ballerinas begin learning the fundamental elements of classical ballet as they point toes, spin, jump and skip. Themes and dancing with fun props help stimulate the imagination and develop musicality.

Beginning Ballet (Ages 6-8): In this beginner ballet class, budding ballet dancers begin learning basic ballet positions, steps and form. Musicality and movement are developed with props, music and themes.

Teen/Adult Essential Ballet Class (Teen/Adult): A versatile class for beginner ballet dancers as well as those who haven’t danced in decades. Barre work, center practice and movement across the floor are scaled to the students’ dance experience. This class is fun and an excellent workout!

ABDA Curriculum Ballet Classes

Ballet Dance Curriculum
Download our Ballet Class Schedule & Fees for full class information, fees and requirements.

Placement is determined by the Director

Pre-Ballet A (Ages 5-7): Fundamental elements of classical ballet appropriate for age-level are taught in this pre-ballet class for children. Young students learn ballet etiquette and have fun with rhythm steps and story mimes to help develop musicality and imagination. (5-year-olds must have started Kindergarten.)

Pre-Ballet B (Ages 6-8): A children’s ballet class that develops a love for music and dancing. Young students learn basic ballet fundamentals, vocabulary and ballet class etiquette, combined with a sense of self-discipline.

Ballet 1 & Character (Ages 7-11): The essential level that lays the foundation for future classical ballet training. Character dance, traditional ethnic folk dances, and modern fundamentals are incorporated.

Ballet 2/3 & Character (Ages 8-11): Classical ballet training continues, with increased emphasis on strength and speed to basic technique. New steps are introduced along with continuation of character dance.

Ballet 4/5 & Character (9-Teen): Continuation of classical ballet training, with progressive incorporation of pre-pointe and pirouette, determined by individual student ability. Strength and speed are developed and required to accomplish more difficult steps.

Ballet 5/6 & Character (Ages 10-Teen): Continued development of strength, technique, balance and performance. Introduction of adage as well as beats and more complicated allegro combinations.

Pre-Pointe, Pointe, Pirouette (Ages 10-Teen): Pointe and pirouette class, teaching transition from pre-pointe to pointe at the barre and in the center with a focus on pirouettes and turning combinations. (Pointe shoes required. Soft pointe shoes may be worn for pre-pointe dancers. Please discuss pointe shoes with instructor before purchasing.)

Dance Camps

Ballet Dance Camps Lake Oswego Oregon
The Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts offers dance camps for ages 3 and up throughout the year. Dance experience is not required to participate in these fun camps. Examples of popular camps include:

Angelina Ballerina Dance Camp: Based on the popular book series. Dancers experience the joy of ballet dancing to classical music and learning some of Angelina’s favorite ballet steps.

Tinker Bell Dance Camp: Dance into the secret world of Pixie Hollow. Create pixie jewelry and enjoy pixie games.

12 Dancing Princesses Camp: Be a dancing princess as you enter the amazing magical world of dance based on the story of the 12 Dancing Princesses. Props and art projects stimulate the imagination.

Download our ABDA Ballet Class Schedule or visit our Events page for the most current camp offerings and more information. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for up to the minute camp postings!

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