Age-Less Body Pilates Studio

Age-Less Body Pilates Studio Lake Oswego Oregon

The amazing benefits of Pilates are available to anyone at the Age-Less Body Pilates Studio. Most Pilates body conditioning exercises can be modified to accommodate everyone from the complete newcomer to the most elite athlete. By utilizing a combination of mat and apparatus such as props or the Reformer, Pilates can improve your total well-being no matter your age, shape or experience level.

Completely non-impact and non-weight bearing, Pilates involves refined, purposeful movements requiring concentration and physical awareness. It’s renowned for producing:

  • proper body alignment
  • well-toned muscles
  • flexible joints
  • mental clarity
  • increased physical strength and stamina
  • increased bone density

Age-less body – long term results

Pilates Exercise Instruction Lake Oswego Oregon
Age-Less Body Pilates studio offers private and small group Pilates mat and Reformer classes for adults of every age and fitness level. Our certified Pilates instructors are committed to providing our clients with the knowledge and training to improve individual exercise skills.

Clients at the Age-Less Body Pilates Studio have experienced marked improvements with scoliosis, asthma, arthritis, joint and low back pain, and increased range of motion from attending regular Pilates classes. Our clients leave class rejuvenated and feeling good.

Learn more about our Age-Less Body Pilates classes and private Pilates lessons. Class discounts and gift certificates are available.

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