About the Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts and
Age-Less Body Pilates Studio

The Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts and Age-Less Body Pilates Studio in Lake Oswego provides a unique dance and Pilates experience for students of all ages. With a focus on fostering the love of dance and whole mind and body health, we offer professional instruction to all who have a desire to learn.

The art of ballet

Dance Instruction

The Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts (ABDA) is committed to providing the safe, supportive and respectful environment necessary for building skills, artistic growth, and the development of self-discipline for every dancer. Established by Artistic Director, Wendy Goldthwaite, in 2000, ABDA’s downtown Lake Oswego studio draws dance students age two to adult, all with the common bond of the love of dance.

To teach and inspire

Our instructors are dedicated to providing dance students of all ages and skill levels with a culturally rich learning experience that responds to the needs of each individual. At ABDA, all students benefit from sound, professional instruction in the fundamentals of proper ballet technique, as well as the knowledge and appreciation that come with learning one of the greatest artistic disciplines.

ABDA provides ballet classes for beginning ballet dancers, from toddlers to adults. For students interested in immersion in pre-professional classical ballet training, our curriculum ballet classes are based on the Royal Academy of Ballet Dance method and standards.

Learn more about our ballet instruction and classes. All provide opportunity to explore, express, and learn.

Pilates – a life exercise

Pilates Exercise Machine

Age-less Body Pilates Studio is similarly focused on the whole mind and body experience. One of the first instructors in Oregon to be Stott Pilates certified, Wendy Goldthwaite opened her Pilates business in 1995. Since that time, our many clients have benefited from her dedication to professional, personalized instruction geared to the needs and goals of each individual.

Meeting each client’s needs

Age-Less Body Pilates Studio instruction is open to students of all levels and abilities, age teen to adult. Our intimate class sizes and one-on-one instruction from our certified Pilates instructors guide clients in meeting their unique needs. We believe that Pilates is a life exercise, not just exercise, and make it our goal to provide you the best possible Pilates experience, whether you’re new to Pilates or a long-time practitioner.

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